Free Europe: Vote Yes!

[13.10.2006, Carl-Johan Westholm, NEWS]

The Future of Europe is of importance for the whole world. But it is not easy even for the Europeans to influence the political development. What is “going on in Brussels” is the result of negotiations between governments.

Therefore, it was positive that many governments decided to arrange referenda about their official proposal to a constitutional treaty, the so called EU Constitution. This proposal was rejected by the majorities of the voters in France and the Netherlands. The result was confusion. The governments had earlier agreed upon that this treaty must be unanimously accepted to be enacted.

The governments have since then decided to take a pause and return to the constitutional issue in 2008.

However, public opinion can be active in the meantime. Internet gives us all an excellent opportunity to cooperate in a simple manner, with a minimum of costs, to enhance freedom.

The Constitution for Free Europe is, with its ten points, not an answer or an alternative to all aspects in the rejected official proposal. But it underlines the decisive factors for a development in Europe with more of an atmosphere of freedom, and less of political dirigism.

Find the Constitution for Free Europe and vote online about Europe at www.freeEurope.info

Carl-Johan Westholm is a founder of www.freeEurope.info, businessman and former CEO of the Swedish Federation of Private Enterprises and the Swedish Federation of Trade