The Kyoto Whip on Freedom

[10.01.2005, Radovan Kazda, PAPERS AND STUDIES]

The Left are not mentally equipped with respect towards private property. It is the horizon that they cannot see beyond, therefore these people face no problem when unreasonably limiting the rights of anyone who use own property to multiply the wealth.

The issue of global ecological problems began to be noticeably stronger in Europe by the end of the 1980s at the time of the communist ideology decomposition. Many of these issues posed a more catastrophic than a real threat to mankind and life on Earth.

The author analyses the origins of the global warming issue, and the negative position of the UN as regards the institutional promotion of the issue, making it a planet-wide issue by spreading catastrophic visions without any grounds. He draws our attention to an elaboration of the Kyoto Protocol which is to limit production of greenhouse gasses. The protocol was created as a result of strong beliefs of political establishments of many countries all around the world, to the fact that the climatic changes have occured due to human production of greenhouse gasses (especially CO2 - carbon dioxide) although there is no convincing scientific consensus proving the connection mentioned. The author analyses many other circumstances proving the absurdity of the Kyoto Protocol and its advantages for the countries which are either economically behind the USA or have no political and civic freedom.

At the end the author presents his perception of the global warming issue as a continuing endeavour of the Left to limit the natural rights of man.

Author is an analyst of agrarian and environmental policy for the Conservative Institute of M. R. Štefánik.

The article was published in the weekly magazine .týždeň in January 2005.

The full text is available here as an Adobe Acrobat PDF.