The Open Letter to Attendees COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009

[30.11.2009, Admin, NEWS]

Free Trade, No Climate Taxes!

The theory of human-made global warming, no matter if you support it or not, is nothing more than a scientific hypothesis.

On behalf of this hypothesis, the richest UE countries, supported by ecologists, are going to introduce global regulations, concerning elimination of industrial carbon dioxide emissions.

We call attendees of UN Climate Change in Copenhagen not to introduce imprudent decisions. Their consequences could be more destructive than the greenhouse effect.

Such consequences for developing countries are: long-term recession, businesses bankruptcy and unemployment and for the poorest countries: high food prices due to an increase of energy costs and bigger bio-fuels crops at the expense of edible crops.

The increase of food prices, as we have observed for few years, means more deaths due to illness and starvation. This is the fact, not just the hypothesis.

Additional humanitarian aid, as a compensation for climate change, changes nothing. As in the case of international aid nothing has changed in poorest people’s lives for the last several dozen years.

That is why we call COP15 UN Conference Attendees, to open markets to free trade with poorest nations of Africa and Asia. This is the best way to guarantee the poorest people development and prosperity.

List of people that have already signed the above open letter:

Dr. Tomasz Teluk, President, Globalization Institute
Prof. Zbigniew Jaworowski, President, Ecologists for Nuclear Energy
M.A., Eng. Jan Michal Malek, President, Polish-American Foundation for Economic Development (PAFERE), Member of Mont Pèlerin Society
Krystian D±bek, Vice President and Spokesperson, KoLiber Association
Medeni Sungur, Vice Chair, 3H Movement
Peter Gonda, Economist, Conservative Institute of M. R. Stefanik
Radovan Kazda, Environmental policy analyst, Conservative Institute of M. R. Stefanik
Rachel Kania, Social Outreach Manager, Young Americans for Liberty
Doc dr eng. Andrzej Strupczewski, Vice President, Ecologists for Nuclear Energy - SEREN
Dr Tomasz Sommer, Editor and Managing Director "The Times in Now!", weekly
Dr Marcin Masny, Columnist
Arkadiusz Bińczyk, Entrepreneur
Dr Jerzy Polaczek, Editor, "Chemistry Industry Magazine”
Jerzy Majchrzak, President, Polish Chamber of Chemistry Industry
Dr Tim Evans, President, Libertarian Alliance
Hubert Jongen, Entrepreneur
Derek Bernard, Entrepreneur
Jerzy Samborski, President, European Union for Small and Medium Enterprises and Mid-Class Unicorn
Prof. Adam Wielomski, Polish Academy of Science

If you’d like to join the signatories of above letter please send you name, surname and profesion to: instytut@globalizacja.org