Corpse show sparks controversy

[23.10.2012, The Slovak Spectator, NEWS]

It took more than 15 years for the show of preserved corpses to make it to Slovakia after having provoked much controversy around the world. The exhibition arrived in Bratislava this year for the first time, and has stirred the same discussion that has emerged elsewhere: human rights activists question the provenance of the bodies, while the Roman Catholic Church calls it an attack on human dignity.

The origin of the bodies on display has provoked controversy at similar shows elsewhere, and some Slovak human rights activists have expressed concerns about this too.

The show’s organisers, however, have not responded to the demands of the human rights activists, according to one of the signatories of the call, Ondrej Dostál from the M. R. ©tefánik Conservative Institute.

“They had promised to document the origin of the bodies to the media, but so far haven’t done so,” Dostál told The Slovak Spectator.

If the organisers do not respond to the activists’ calls, the activists are likely to turn to the authorities to question the organisers about the provenance of the bodies, Dostál said.

Michaela Terenzani - Stanková. Article was published in the Slovakia`s English-language weekly The Slovak Spectator. Read the whole article here.