CEQLS Lecture:
Michael C. Munger: The Entrepreneurial Virtues

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Conservative Institute of M. R. Štefánik

organized in Bratislava on April 7, 2014 another lecture within

Conservative Economic Quarterly Lecture Series /CEQLS/:

The Entrepreneurial Virtues

Lecture given by:
Michael C. Munger

professor of political science and economics, Duke University (USA)

Hosted by:
Peter Gonda, the Conservative Institute Director

Michael C. Munger: CEQLS Lecture for the Conservative Institute, Bratislava, April 7, 2014

Michael C. Munger: CEQLS Lecture for the Conservative Institute, Bratislava, April 7, 2014

About Michael C. Munger

Michael C. Munger: Professor at the Department of Political Science and Departments of Economics and Public Policy, and the Director of the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program at Duke University.

Michael Munger received his PhD in economics in 1984 from Washington University in St. Louis, studying with Barry Weingast and Douglass North. He is a past President of the Public Choice Society, and long-time Editor of the journal, Public Choice. For ten years, he chaired the Political Science Department at Duke University. His research interests include the study of the morality of exchange and the working of legislative institutions in producing policy. Much of his recent work has been in philosophy, examining the concept of truly voluntary exchange, a concept for which he coined the term "euvoluntary."

In addition to more than 100 articles and papers published in professional journals and edited volumes, Prof. Munger has four books. His new book, Choosing in Groups, will be published later this year by Cambridge University Press.

For a complete list of articles and publications please refer to Prof. Munger's CV.

Michael C. Munger has published numerous articles, presentations, blogs and has a long history of lectures (see videos).

Michael Munger: What is Voluntary? What is Coercive

Michael Munger is not only an expert in his field, but he is also known as a showman. The Keynes vs. Hayek rap videos also happen to include Mike Munger. He plays the limo driver in the Fear the Boom and Bust and he plays Mike, the security guard, in the sequel video Fight of the Century.

Keynes vs. Hayek rap video I: Fear the Boom and Bust

Keynes vs. Hayek rap video II: Fight of the Century


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