Peter Gonda

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Peter Gonda (Ph.D.) is the Director of the Conservative Institute of M. R. ©tefánik, an external lecturer of economics at the Comenius University in Bratislava and the Slovak Senior Fellow of the Cobden Centre. He deals with principles of economics, public finance, monetary and banking system and other economic and social topics from the free society point of view by lecturing, writing articles, elaborating studies, publications and coordination of conferences and seminars.

Peter Gonda was coordinator and guarantee of the publications Economic Consequences of Slovakia´s Accession to EU (2002), Draft of Welfare Reform in Slovakia (2005), Program declaration of a reformed government: Guide for responsible politicians on the road to freer society and thinner government (2010) and the coeditor of the books Slovakia on its Way to Unknown (2003) and In Defense of the Free Market (2007). Also, he wrote for instance the chapter Economic and Ethical Foundations of Free Society in the textbook Ethics in Management (2008).

At present, he coordinates and lectures at seminars within the Academy of Classical Economics and coordinates the economic lectures of qualified free market thinkers in Slovakia within the Conservative Economic Quarterly Lecture Series (2009 Templeton Freedom Award winning project in the Ethics and Values category).

He lives in Bratislava with his wife and two children.

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