Is there Any Future for NATO? (2003)

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Is there Any Future for NATO? (2003)Authors:

František Šebej, former Chairman of the Foreign Policy Committe of the House of Nations of the Federal Assembly of the CSFR (1990 – 1992), former Chairman of the Committee for European Integration of the National Council of the SR (1998 – 2002), a foreign policy analyst and editor of the weekly newspaper Domino Forum, leader of the analytical group of the Conservative Institute for foreign policy and diplomacy Peter Burian, an advisor, Department of Analyses and Planning of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, former Ambassador of the SR to NATO

Peter Švec, a military strategy analyst and the Director-General of the Military Education Section of the Ministry of Defence

Tomáš Zálešák, a political scientist, advisor to the Chairman of the Parliament (The National Council of the SR) (since 2002), co-worker of the Conservative Institute Ivo Samson, a security policy analyst for the Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association (SFPA)

„A concept of common defence – this is NATO. This is the concept in which sovereign states willingly agree upon common defence of their interests and territories. Or, they do it because they share the same values and this makes them partners, that is why they are together. Within this common defence they define themselves in relation to the rest of the world and define, although maybe implicitly, a possible enemy and place where an attack may come from,“ wrote František Šebej in his article (Factors Threatening Future of NATO on Both Sides of the Atlantic Ocean) and continues: „The connection of the Western Europe and America, i.e. American presence on the European contitent was an independent objective of the North Atlantic Alliance existence.“

Mainly this connection, sense and future of NATO are subject of other articles in the publication written by Peter Burian (Relations between the EU and NATO – Rivals or Strategic Partners?), Peter Švec (Revolution in Military and Future of NATO), Tomáš Zálešák (Is the Transatlantic Dissention Inevitable?) and Ivo Samson (Will ew Members Save the North Atlantic Alliance?)

The publication was issued within the project To NATO with Our Head Up and Eyes Open with support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The publication is available only in Slovak language here as an Adobe Acrobat PDF.