European Union – the View from Slovakia (2002)

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European Union – the View from Slovakia (2002)Authors:

Marta Daruľová, Academia Istropolitana Nova, Svätý Jur

Peter Gonda, Conservative Institute, Bratislava

Martin Hanus, a Delegate to the EU Youth Convention, Brussels

Roman Joch, Civic Institute, Prague

Mária Kadrliaková, Academia Istropolitana Nova, Svätý Jur

Martin Štefunko, Ludwig von Mises Institute, Auburn, USA

Jana Tutková, European Alliance of the Youth, Brussels, an editor of the publication

Robert Žitňanský, weekly magazine Domino Forum, Bratislava

The publication represents a summary of the contributions presented at the conference held by the Conservative Institute – European Union – the View from Slovakia in October 2002.

"Today, we know more about the European Union than we knew a few years ago, when it was simplisticly idealized, because we have had an opportunity to look inside during the accession process. The views of those, who having experienced the EU reality, remain the same, true to their principles and beliefs, represent an authentic contribution to a discussion about our integration. Although these attitudes have been formed in different environments they are based on the Slovak cultural heritage and value idealism. And this devotion to timeless values, search for truth and respect towards personal freedom accompanied by efforts targeted at civil and moral responsibility, is to be the main contribution of Slovakia to Europe. A Slovak citizen often does not see it, especially when being pushed to see only material aspects of the EU membership. At the same time, the European Union speaks highly about her most noble ideals while the reality seems to be a nightmare after having woken up. To correspond with the reality the ideals are notably redefined and they are twisted in our minds too. No matter whether a citizen, after decoding them, becomes a Eurosceptic, Eurorealist, Euromelancholic or Euroflegmatic, the most important is to keep on searching for ideals in own life. And everyone must go on this journey of permanent search alone.”

Jana Tutková, an editor of the publication

The publication was issued thanks to the financial help provided by The Civil Society Development Foundation.

The publication is available only in Slovak language here as an Adobe Acrobat PDF.