2001 Conservative Clubs

[01.01.2002, Admin, CONSERVATIVE CLUBS]

At the beginning of April 2001, Tomáš Zálešák, a political scientist and co-worker of the Conservative institute, spoke about Religious Symbols and Totalitarian Ideologies at the very first conservative club meeting.

At the end of April 2001, Radovan Kazda, a landscape engineer and one of co-workers of the Conserative Institute, spoke about Global Warming Seen As a Political Issue.

In May 2001, the club meeting dealt with the issues of Current American Foreign Policy After the Beginning of the Bush Administration´s Term of Office. Ivo Samson, a foreign policy analyst for Slovak Foreign Policy Association (SFPA), presented his views there.

A club meeting which took place in September 2001 was devoted to the topic Euroscepticism vs Eurooptimism - and discussion concerned the current situation in the European Union and the book Stained Spring by British Eurosceptic John Laghland. Peter Zajac and Štefan Hríb were guests to the meeting.

In October 2001, the Conservative Institute assisted the Man in Danger (Civic Association) at organisation of a discussion about the Situation in Afghanistan.

In November 2001, the Conservative Institute held a discussion with Jozef Klavec, a political scientist, on the topic Islamic Radicalism and Terrorism.