2002 Conservative Clubs

[01.01.2003, Admin, CONSERVATIVE CLUBS]

In January 2002, expert for political party ANO Rudolf Zajac and analyst for M.E.S.A 10 Peter Pažitný disscused the issues related to the Strategy of a Health System Reform at the Conservative Institute.

The club meeting in March 2002 was devoted to discussion on the book by Francois Furet and Ernst Nolte Fascism and Communism – Confrontation of Views. The discussion of historian Ľubomír Lipták and political scientist Tomáš Zálešák was chaired by President of the CI Peter Zajac.

Options of Pension Reform were discussed by former Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Civic Conservative Party Peter Tatár, analyst for the CI Peter Gonda and Michal Szabo, the Director-General of the Department of Social Benefits of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family at a conservative club meeting in April 2002.

In April 2002 the CI organised, in co-operation with the Civic Democratic Youth (ODM) Bratislava, also a debate on Situation in Kosovo. Valér Hrala, a former observer in Kosovo, was a guest to the debate.