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Autor/Author: Andrew Yuengert

Názov/Title: The Boundaries of Technique: Ordering Positive and Normative Concerns in Economic Research

Oblasť/ Subject: Ethics and economics

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 2004, Lexington Books, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: In this engaging and thought-provoking new work, Andrew Yuengert uses the moral philosophy of Thomas Aquinas to offer a fresh perspective on the sharp distinctions currently drawn between economics and ethics. In contract to modern philosophical approaches, which focus on the contrast between is and ought statements, a Thomistic analysis begins with the actions of economic researchers. This approach reconciles two popular extreme positions: economics as ethical at every turn, and economics as morally neutral. Exploring recent controversies over the role of ethics in economics, The Boundaries of Technique encourages scholars and students to discover and debate the ways in which economics is insulated from ethics, and the ways in which it is dependent upon it. Ultimately, by bringing readers to a deeper awareness of the intrinsic involvement of the individual and the responsibility of moral choice, Yuengert makes an invaluable contriubtion to the study and practice of economics.

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Autor/Author: Atilla Yayla (ed.)

Názov/Title: Islam, Civil Society, and Market Economy

Oblasť/ Subject: Islam

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 1999, Liberte Books, Ankara, Turkey

Abstrakt/Abstract: Many islamic countries lack civil society tradition, liberal democracy and market economy. Why is it so? Does not islam have any ground for supporting the basic components of contemporary civilization? What is the reason that in no islamic country we do witness a real democracy and well functioning market economy? Is islam inherently incompatible with these institutions? Author are trying to find answers to these and similar challenging questions.

The book has been awarded Sir Anthony Fisher International Memorial Award in 2000.

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