Tearing Down The Wall

[13.09.2009, Admin, NEWS]

In the early morning of Sunday, August 14, 1961, the Soviet-occupied German Democratic Republic poured the foundations of the wall that would split the world physically and ideologically for almost three decades.

East and West were divided. Torn up streets and barbed wire fences cut their way through the city. The Berlin Wall came to symbolize the separation of those who were free and those who were not.

For three decades, this cold war took its toll, devastating the human spirit of people who simply wanted the freedom to travel, work, speak openly, and otherwise engage with others.

In 1989, the Wall was destroyed. Free markets and representative government were triumphant.

Atlas's campaign to raise $20,000 in 20 days ends September 21st, join the cause and encourage others to raise funds for Atlas's Live Free Fund. More information is available at Tearing Down The Wall.

Ronald Reagan understood the moral imperative of the fight for the free society. Now it is up to us to be the voices demanding the Gorbachevs of the world to "tear down this wall!"