Two Fishy Companies Thriving in Drawing EU Funds

[07.05.2014, TASR, NEWS]

External project management in 50 projects financed from European funds was carried out by a company called Star EU under suspicious circumstances, M. R. Stefanik Conservative Institute analyst Ivan Kuhn said on Tuesday.

"What these 50 projects have in common is the fact that Star EU was involved [in procurements] 50 times, and the company [received commissions] 50 times," said Kuhn, adding that Star EU was always one of three companies that presented bids for carrying out project management. A total of six companies took turns in these bids in all cases.

"We have a suspicion that European funds are being used in a non-transparent and inefficient manner, taking advantage of a loophole in the law ... There's a suspicion that bids are presented in a co-ordinated manner," said Kuhn.

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