Study into Hate Education since Annapolis

[19.03.2009, Admin, NEWS]

Where: Room ASP 5F385, European Parliament, Brussels

When: Wednesday 18th March 2009


Left-to-right: Markus Ferber (MEP), Matthew Sinclair (Research Director at the TaxPayers Alliance), Timothy Kirkhope (MEP) and Paulo Casaca (MEP)Timothy Kirkhope MEP (chair)
Leader of the British Conservatives in the European Parliament

Paulo Casaca MEP
Partido Socialista and Vice Chairman of the Committee on Budgetary Control

Matthew Sinclair
Research Director UK TaxPayersʼ Alliance

New Study into Hate Education since Annapolis has been launched in Brussels on Wednesday 18th March 2009. Hate Education in the Middle East, which drives ongoing violence, leading to the kind of destruction seen in the recent conflict in the Gaza strip, was discussed and debated. With special contributions from six leading European think tanks and taxpayer groups, as well as a short presentation on the findings of the study from Matthew Sinclair, Research Director at the TaxPayersʼ Alliance.

Left-to-right: Ivan Kuhn, Par Krause, Susie Squire, Matthew Elliott, Michael Jager, Benoite Taffin, Matthew Sinclair, Alberto Mingardi, Elias Fattal and Piercamillo FalascaAt the Annapolis conference in November 2007 Palestinians and Israelis pledged to reach a “final peace settlement [that] will establish Palestine as a homeland for the Palestinian people just as Israel is the homeland for the Jewish people.” Unfortunately, while the Palestinian Authority leadership have signed up to a two state solution, a new report from European taxpayer associations and free market groups presents extensive evidence that they continue to encourage very different attitudes in their population. That hate education drives ongoing violence, leading to the kind of destruction seen in the recent conflict in the Gaza strip. Six key think tanks and taxpayer groups across Europe are working together to campaign for increased transparency and accountability in EU aid funding and how it is distributed. This report, translated into six languages, aims to secure reform of EU aid to the Palestinian territories, so that European taxpayersʼ money no longer supports hate education that harms the long-term prospects for peace in Israel-Palestine.

Study into Hate Education since Annapolis is available here.

Susie Squire, The TaxPayers Alliance (United Kingdom)
Ivan Kuhn, Conservative Institute of M. R. Stefanik (Slovakia)
Jean Baptiste Léon, Taxpayers Association of Europe (France)
Michael Jaeger, Taxpayers Association of Europe (Germany)
Alberto Mingardi, Istituto Bruno Leoni (Italy)

More information on a Study is available on The TaxPayers Alliance website here and here.