Problems and Perspectives of Euro–Atlantic Security Partnership (2002)

[01.10.2002, Admin, PUBLICATIONS]

Problems and Perspectives of Euro–Atlantic Security Partnership (2002)Authors:

Ivo Samson, a security policy analyst for the Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association

Tomáš Zálešák, a political scientist, advisor to the Chairman of the Parliament (The National Council of the SR) (since 2002), and co-worker of the Conservative Institute.

The article by Ivo Samson (Is Europe Able to Maintain a Defence “Autonomization”?), in which he deals with the issues of a European defence project and points of aversion between those who are in favour of the Atlantic Alliance and those who prefer a „European solution“, forms the first part of the publication. He emphasises importance of the relation between defence and integration, the stances of the countries undergoing a process of transformation, the position of the USA towards Europe and stances of so-called European central powers.

In the second part of the publication, Tomáš Zálešák (Different Interests and Common Problems) focuses on arguments between Europe and the USA regarding a security concept, he analyses a new situation in which the USA and its European allies found themselves after a collapse of the Soviet block, new threats to international security posed by terrorism, especially after September 11, 2001 and other issues which are closely linked with an institutional crisis in NATO.

The publication was issued thanks to the financial support provided by The Civil Society Development Foundation.

The publication is available only in Slovak language here as an Adobe Acrobat PDF.