Statement of Concern for Freedom in Russia
[02.07.2006, NEWS]

Resource Bank EuropeWe, representatives of pro-freedom think-tanks and movements from many nations, united by common principles and values, declare our steadfast support for the individual rights of the people of Russia to associate without harassment by the authorities, and to exercise the rights of freedom of expression to which all human beings are by nature entitled. In particular, we declare our solidarity with the NGOs of Russia, which are struggling under the burden of bureaucratic harassment and efforts by the authorities to suppress the independent forces of civil society. We call on the Russian government to cease its efforts to isolate the people of Russia from the wider international civil society and that it cease its efforts to subject them to authoritarian rule.

Initiated 1 July 2006, in Vienna, Austria at the European Resource Bank meeting

“It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once.”
David Hume


1. Lawrence Reed, Mackinac Center for Public Policy, USA

2. Krassen Stanchev, Institute for Market Economics, Bulgaria

3. David Green, Civitas, UK

4. Law Review Project, South Africa

5. Free Market Foundation, South Africa

6. Policy Exchange, UK

7. Andres Mejia-Vergnaud, Instituto Libertad y Progreso, Colombia

8. Niger Innis, Congress of Racial Equality, USA

9. Robert Nef, Liberales Institut, Switzerland

10. Martin Simonetta, Fundacion Atlas 1853, Argentina

11. Peter Holle, President, Frontier Centre for Public Policy

12. Martin Agerup, CEPOS, Denmark

13. Patrick Leblanc, Institut économique de Montréal / Montreal Economic Institute, Canada

14. Matthew Elliott, Taxpayers Alliance, UK

15. Nizam Ahmad, Liberal Bangladesh, UK

16. Dr. Khalil Ahmad, Alternate Solutions Institute, Pakistan

17. Nonoy Oplas, Minimal Government Movement, Philippines

18. Tim Evans, Libertarian Alliance, UK

19. Peter Gonda, Conservative Institute of M.R. Stefanik, Slovak Republic

20. Doug Bandow, Citizen Outreach, USA

21. Tom Miers, Policy Institute, UK

22. Istituto Bruno Leoni, Italy

23. Chresten Andersen, Copenhagen Institute, Denmark

24. Barun Mitra, Liberty Institute, India

25. Drew Johnson, Tennessee Center for Policy Research, USA

26. Forest Thigpen, Mississippi Center for Public Policy, USA

27. Helen Szamuely, Bruges Group, UK

28. Lisl Biggs-Davison, Centre for Research into Post-Communist Economies, UK

29. Horia Paul Terpe, Center for Institutional Analysis and Development, Romania

30. Feng Xingyuan, China

31. Joshua Trevino, USA

32. Vivian Wadlin, USA

33. Nicholas Eberstadt, USA

34. Junning Liu, Beijing, China

35. Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform, USA

36. Stockholm Network, UK

37. Gerardo Bongiovanni, Fundacion Libertad, Argentina

38. Rocio Guijarro, CEDICE, Venezuela

39. Enrique Ghersi, CITEL, Peru

40. David Strom, Taxpayers League of Minnesota, USA

41. Lorenzo Bernaldo de Quirós, Fundacion Internacional para la Libertad, Spain

42. Veselin Vukotic, President, Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses, Montenegro

43. Parth Shah, Centre for Civil Society, India

44. International Policy Network, UK

45. Anna Yerro, Institutión Futuro, Spain

46. Barbara Kolm-Lamprechter, Hayek Institut, Austria

47. David Wilkinson, Research Centre Free Europe, Estonia

48. David Towne, USA

49. Carlos Sotelo, Institutión Futuro, Spain

50. Joseph Kasibante, Uganda National Taxpayers’ Association, Uganda

51. Gia Jandieri, New Economic School, Georgia

52. Yevgeny Volk, Heritage Foundation, Moscow office, Russia

53. Krassen Stanchev, Institute for Market Economics, Bulgaria

54. Pierre Garello, Institute for Economic Studies, France

55. Rashad Shirinov, Free Minds Association, Azerbaijan

56. Alexander Koryaev, Russia

57. Marian Tupy, USA

58. Hardy Bouillon, Centre for the New Europe, Belgium

59. Paata Sheshelidze, New Economic School, Georgia

60. Khalifa Swalehe, Taxpayers Association of Tanzania

61. Citizens Against Government Waste, USA

62. Özlem Çaðlar Yilmaz, Association for Liberal Thinking, Turkey

63. Kaler Kallemets, Estonian Reform Party, Estonia

64. Natasha Srdoc, Adriatic Institute for Public Policy, Croatia

65. Joel Anand-Samy, Adriatic Institute for Public Policy

66. Leonard Liggio, Atlas Foundation, USA

67. Ted Abram, American Institute for Full Employment, USA

68. Waldemar Ingdahl, Eudoxa, Sweden

69. Rainhard Kloucek, Paneuropa, Austria

70. Adriana Dobanda, Paneuropa, Romania

71. Bridgett Wagner, USA

72. Andrei Illarionov, Institute of Economic Analysis, Russia

73. Christophe Maillard, Liberté Chérie, France

74. Vincent Ginocchio, Liberté Chérie, France

75. Guillaume Vuillemey, Liberté Chérie, France

76. Tural Veliyev, Free Minds Association, Azerbaijan

77. Bican Sahin, Association for Liberal Thinking, Turkey

78. Silvester Bizon, Conservative Institute of Milan Rastislav Stefanik, Slovak Republic

79. Michael Mosbacher, Social Affairs Unit, UK

80. Shane Frith, Doctors’ Alliance, UK

81. Chresten Anderson, Copenhagen Institute, Denmark

82. Prof. Babu Joseph, Liberal Group, India

83. Vicente Boceta, Spain

84. Johnny Munkhammar, Timbro, Sweden

85. Joel Ole Nyika, Community Resources Institute, Kenya

86. Tom Palmer, USA

87. Carl-Johan Westholm,, Sweden

88. Tereza Urbanova, Liberlani institut, Prague

89. Richard Tren, Africa Fighting Malaria, South Africa

90. Julika Hartmann,, Switzerland

91. Anthony Livanidi, Hellenic Leadership Institute, Athens, Greece

92. Jacob Braestrup, Danish Taxpayers Association, Denmark

93. John Grigsby, Taxpayers for Accountable Government, USA

94. Don Racheter, Public Interest Institute and Iowa Association of Scholars, (USA)

95. David M. Stanley, Iowans for Tax Relief, USA

96. David Strom, Taxpayers League of Minnesota, USA

97. Rick Durham, Tennessee Tax Revolt, USA

98. Tom Readmond, Media Freedom Alliance, USA

99. Dan Clifton, American Shareholders Association, USA

100. Scott LaGanga, Property Rights Alliance, USA

101. Jan Oravec, Slovak Taxpayers Association, Slovakia

102. Jeremiah Kiwoi, Taxpayers Kenya

103. Hirohisa Kitano, Japan Taxpayers Association

104. Kim sun taek, Korea Taxpayers Association

105. Lew Uhler, The National Tax Limitation Committee, USA

106. Larissa Apasova, International Committee for the Protection of Taxpayers' Rights

107. Ryan Ellis, Alliance for Worker Freedom, USA

108. Elizabeth Karasmeighan, Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, USA

109. Michael D. Ostrolenk, Liberty Coalition, USA

110. Dominic M. Calabro, Florida Tax Watch, USA

111. Alex St.James, African American Republican Leadership Council, USA

Signatories are listed in no particular order.

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