Initiative against the European Constitution
[17.08.2004, NEWS]

The Constitution of the European Union defines the basic legal, political, economic, social and cultural framework applicable to everyday affairs of the EU member states. Currently, the document awaits approval by the National Council of the Slovak Republic.

Despite the Constitution being a basic legal reference of long-term consequence to everyday life of each and every Slovak citizen, most top political representatives remain silent on the document, with some outright misleading the public on it.

We are being told that the EU Constitution improves everyday life for the people; we are being told that it does not affect the sovereignty of the EU member states; that already in the EU referendum, we have cast our vote also on the EU Constitution; that few EU states if any are holding a referendum on the Constitution; that rejecting the Constitution would spell the demise of the EU.

Of the above claims, not a single one holds true.

It is not true that the EU Constitution improves everyday life for the people. The EU Constitution distorts free competition; it makes unrealistic social promises. Blocking the necessary political, economic and social reforms urgently required in the EU, the Constitution can hardly improve everyday life for the people in any way.

It is not true that the EU Constitution does not affect the sovereignty of the EU member states. The EU Constitution impairs the sovereign rights of citizens including the free expression of their political will; it impairs the sovereignty of member states; it fosters an environment plagued by constant competence disputes between the EU member states and the various EU authorities; it paves the way to Brussels-style centralization and to an encroaching bureaucracy. The Constitution leaves the European Union an unprecedented legal nightmare bursting with social, political and national tensions.

It is not true that already in the EU referendum, we have cast our vote also on the EU Constitution. With the EU Constitution being a basic legal reference and a document ruling over the fate of nations, the number of countries planning to hold a referendum on it has been rising steadily (United Kingdom, France, Poland, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium). This leaves even more striking the indifference Slovak political elites have been showing in the face of the future fate of their own country.

Not holding the Constitution referendum in the Slovak Republic would mean once again to accept a decision of crucial importance to the very existence of our nation without our citizens having a say on the matter.

Rejecting the Constitution of the European Union does not mean the demise of the EU. On the contrary, it is the only way to remain true to the original ideals on which the EU is built, and an act on which to base its dynamic future growth.

Instead of a Constitution, the European Union does need concrete, practical improvement action.

Our goal is to prevent the Slovak approval of the European Constitution. To achieve it, we shall proceed in joint action. We call for a public discussion on the European Constitution. We urge the Slovak political representatives, particularly the designed Prime Minister Mr Mikuláš Dzurinda, to review their stances and to allow the citizens of this country to cast their vote on the EU Constitution.

Peter Osuský, Civic Conservative Party (OKS),
Peter Martinovič,Young Conservatives (MK),
Michal Novota, Christian Democratic Youth of Slovakia (KDMS) ,
Jozef Krupka, Civic Democratic Youth (ODM) ,
Ondrej Dostál, Conservative Institute of M. R. Štefanik(KI),
Dalibor Roháč, Free Society Institute (ISS),
Richard Ďurana,Association of Eurosceptics,
Lukáš Krivošík, Right Spectrum (PS),
Martin Chren, F.A. Hayek Foundation (NFAH)

Bratislava, 16th August 2004

For more information about the Initiative please visit the web site.

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