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Autor/Author: Alejandro A. Chafuen

Názov/Title: Faith and Liberty: The Economic Thought of the Late Scholastics

Oblas»/ Subject: Ethics and economics

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 2003, Lexington Books, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: Most people think that free-market ideas and theories were first substanially developed in the eighteenth century by figures such as Adam Smith. In this revised edition of Faith and Liberty, Alejandro A. Chafuen illustrates this misconception by examining the sixteenth and seventeenth century writings of a group of Catholic theologians and philosophers. The Late- Scholastics, as they are called, were the first to engage in a systematic moral analysis of the ethical issues associated with trade and commerce. In doing so, they arrived at solutions that are in many senses indistinguishable from the ideas of many modern free market commentators. In this revised ediiton, Chafuen blosters his case by including recent and pertinent material which gives rise to new questions and concerns. Reading this book will force to consider what they understand to be an authentiaclly Christian approach to economic questions.

Dar od/Donated by: Acton Institute, USA


Autor/Author: Edward H. Crane and David Boaz

Názov/Title: The Cato Handbook For Congress, 104th

Oblas»/ Subject: Economics

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 1995, The Cato Institute, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: Every two years the Cato Handbook for Congress sets the standard in Washington for real cuts in federal spending, taxes, and power.

Dar od/Donated by: The Cato Institute


Autor/Author: Charles W. Colson and Nigel M. de S. Cameron (eds.)

Názov/Title: Human Dignity in the Biotech Century: A Christian Vision for Public Policy

Oblas»/ Subject: Ethics and Public Policy

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 2004, InterVarsity Press, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: What will be the greatest moral challenge facing our society throughout this century?

Are we ready to face it?

Editors Charles W. Colson and Nigel M. de S. Cameron, along with a panel of expert contributors, make the case in this book that the greatest watershed debates of the twenty-first century concerning ethics and public policy will surround the issue of biotechnology. In twelve essays they address several of the legal and ethical challenges before us: embryo research, stem cell research, cloning, genetic engineering, gene therapy, pharmacogenomics, cybernetics, nanotechnology and, of course, abortion.

Dar od/Donated by: The Family Research Council


Autor/Author: Allan Carlson

Názov/Title: Fractured Generations. Crafting a Family Policy for Twenty-First Century America

Oblas»/ Subject: Family Policy

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 2005, Transaction Publishers, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: Fifty years ago, the phrase “family policy” was rarely heard in America. Individual states maintained laws governing marriage, divorce, education, inheritance, and child protection, which regulated the formation, childrearing practices, and dissolution of families. However, these scattered policy issues were not seen as closely related. Until the 1960s, the nuclear family was an institution that was part of the natural life-course expected of most adults. Family meant marriage, children, the establishment of a home, care of the elderly, but perhaps most of all, bonding of the generations.

As early as the 1840s, certain elements of states’ policies hinted at a weakening family structure, but not until the 1960s was the family openly attacked. Feminists objected to a male-oriented home economy, demographers encouraged negative population growth, the sexual revolution was on the rise, and religiously grounded morality in public life was challenged in the federal courts. Married couples with children had to shoulder a larger tax burden, further discouraging people from building and maintaining families. Perhaps because family was so central to the founders’ lives they found no need to mention it in the Constitution. But today, generational bonds have fractured, while family policy is a paramount public concern.

As Allan Carlson makes clear no nation can progress, or even survive, without a durable family system. Contemporary family policy represents an attempt to counter the negative forces of the last four decades so as to restore the natural family to its necessary place in American life. Fractured Generations’ chapters follow the life-course of the human family—marriage; the birth of children; infant and toddler care; schooling; building a home; crafting a durable family economy; and elder care. This is a passionate and well-reasoned appeal for a return to the institution that is the last best hope for America’s future: the family.

Dar od/Donated by: The Family Research Council


Autor/Author: Allan Carlson

Názov/Title: The "American Way". Family and Community in the Shaping of the American Identity

Oblas»/ Subject: Family Policy

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 2003, ISI Books, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: Increasingly being mainstreamed is the importance of marriage and family as it is discovered that neither women nor anyone else can “have it all.” Decisions must be made, and in this intriguing history Carlson demonstrates that the perduringly American decision, distinguishing America from the “Old Europe,” is in favor of what he calls the child-rich family. The American Way provides a solid historical foundation for understanding today’s controversies over what it means to be “pro-family.”

Dar od/Donated by: The Family Research Council


Autor/Author: Alan R. Crippen II (ed.)

Názov/Title: Family Policy Review - Family Tax Equity. Vol. 1, No. 1 (Spring 2003)

Oblas»/ Subject: Family Policy

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 2003, The Family Research Council, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: Family Research Council's new journal, Family Policy Review, examines issues of public policy for the effect that they have had and can have upon the health and well being of the family. The premiere issue provides specific and substantive proposals by prominent economists and tax theorists for both incremental and fundamental reform that will make the tax code truly family friendly.

Dar od/Donated by: The Family Research Council


Autor/Author: Nick Crowson

Názov/Title: The Longman Companion to the Conservative Party Since 1830

Oblas»/ Subject: Conservatism

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 2001, Longman, UK

Abstrakt/Abstract: This Longman Companion provides a wide-ranging compendium of essential facts and figures on the Conservative Party - from its origins in the 1830s to the dawn of the 21st Century. Central to the book are the detailed chronologies on the Conservative Party's years in government and opposition. In addition, it contains fascinating information on the Party's relationships with women, ethnic minoirities, the trade unions, Europe, Ireland, ideology, social reform and empire.

- Provides extensive statistical material on general elections since 1932, key by-elections, local and European elections. - Covers all the Conservative leaders, methods of leadership selection and ballot results.

- Gives full details of Conservative cabinets.

- Includes substantial section on Party organisation.

- Biographies of 120 ministers and significant personalities. - Full glossary of key terms and phrases.

Dar od/Donated by: -


Autor/Author: Forrest Capie

Názov/Title: Capital Controls: A 'Cure' Worse Than The Problem?

Oblas»/ Subject: Economics

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 2002, Institute of Economic Affairs , UK

Abstrakt/Abstract: Free capital movements played an important part in the economic integration and globalisation of the nineteenth century. By the end of the century capital flows were on a remarkable scale.

The modern use of capital controls dates back to the 1930s. Professor Capie analyses historical experience with capital controls, in Britain and elsewhere, and reviews the theory. He concludes that such controls are damaging and that there is no case for reviving them, as some economists have suggested and as anti-globalisers would wish. Capital mobility improves the worldwide allocation of resources, channelling resources to their most productive uses. Controls on capital movements result in deadweight losses and bureaucratic costs. They are difficult to remove and they damage the credibility of the government's commitment to a market economy.

Dar od/Donated by: Institute of Economic Affairs


Autor/Author: Roger Clarke (ed.)

Názov/Title: Post-Communist Economies

Oblas»/ Subject: Economics.

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 2005, Centre for Research into Post-Communist Economies, UK

Abstrakt/Abstract: Journal of the Centre for Research into Post-Communist Economies.

Dar od/Donated by: Centre for Research into Post-Communist Economies


Autor/Author: Whittaker Chambers

Názov/Title: Svědek

Oblas»/ Subject: Zločiny komunizmu

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 2005, Občanský institut, Praha

Abstrakt/Abstract: Whittaker Chambers (1900 – 1961) sa stal v 20. rokoch komunistom a v 30. rokoch pracoval pre sovietsku rozviedku. Na konci 30 rokov sa s komunizmom roziąiel a v roku 1948 dobrovoµne svedčil pred Výborom Snemovne reprezentantov pre neamerickú činnos». V knihe Svedok (1952) popisuje Chambers svoju skúsenos» s komunizmom, konverziou ku kres»anstvu a s výpoveďou pred Výborom. Kniha je fascinujúcim ąpionáľnym trilerom, ktorý sa naozaj odohral, podáva ľivé svedectvo o idealizme mladých, inteligentných µudí, ktorí sa v slobodnej spoločnosti stávali komunistami. Kniha podstatne ovplyvnila amerického prezidenta Ronalda Reagana, ktorý Chambersovi posmrtne udelil najvyąąie americké civilné vyznamenania Medailu slobody.

Dar od/Donated by: Občanský institut


Autor/Author: James Jay Carafano and Paul Rosenzweig

Názov/Title: Winning the Long War: Lessons from the Cold War for Defeating Terrorism and Preserving Freedom

Oblas»/ Subject: National Security

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 2005, Heritage Books

Abstrakt/Abstract: In Winning the Long War, experts on homeland security, civil liberties, and economics examine current U.S. policy and map out a long-term national strategy for the war on terrorism. Like the brilliant policy of containment articulated by the late George F. Kennan during the Cold War, this strategy balances prudent military and security measures with the need to protect civil liberties and maintain continued economic growth.

Dar od/Donated by: Heritage Foundation


Autor/Author: Edward J. Cooke

Názov/Title: Ústava Spojených ątátov amerických

Oblas»/ Subject: Právo

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 1999, OaD - Minority Rights Group - Slovakia

Abstrakt/Abstract: Ústava USA s komentárom.

Dar od/Donated by: -


Autor/Author: Robert Cowley (ed.)

Názov/Title: Co by bylo, kdyby? Představy vojenských historiků o tom, co se mohlo stát

Oblas»/ Subject: Historie

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 2005, Academia, Praha

Abstrakt/Abstract: Co by se stalo, kdyby se Napoleon dokázal včas zastavit? Stal by se vládcem Evropy? Nebo kdyby se kvůli rozmaru počasí nemohlo uskutečnit vylodění v Normandii? Byl by Hitler přesto poraľen? Nebo kdyby Řekové nezvítězili v bitvě u Salamíny? Jak by vypadala naąe civilizace bez vkladu Řeků? Tím, co se nestalo, ale stát se mohlo, se zabývá nesmírně populární nový obor: kontrafaktuální historie. Tato kniha obsahuje příběhy o tom, jak se mohl v různých klíčových momentech změnit běh dějin. Její autoři patří k nejslavnějąím světovým vojenským historikům.

Dar od/Donated by: -

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