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Autor/Author: Patricia Donohue-White, Stephen J. Grabill, Christopher Westley and Gloria Zúñiga

Názov/Title: Human Nature and the Discipline of Economics: Personalist Anthropology and Economic Methodology

Oblas»/ Subject: Religion, politics, and society

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 2002, Lexington Books, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: Foundations of Economic Personalism is a series of three book-length monographs, each closely examining a significant dimension of the Center for Economic Personalism's unique synthesis of Christian personalism and free-economic market theory. In the aftermath of the momentous geo-political and economic changes of the late 1980s, a small group of Christian social ethicists began to converse with free-market economists over the morality of market activity. This interdisciplinary exchange eventually led to the founding of a new academic subdiscipline under the rubric of economic personalism. These scholars attempt to integrate economic theory, history, and methodology with Christian personalism's stress upon human dignity, humane social structures, and social justice.

This second volume in the series surveys the anthropological foundations to the disciplines of economics and moral theology. The first part of the book presents an overview of the German, French, and Polish branches of personalist thought. Particular attention is given to theological anthropology, especially as it is developed by such thinkers as Emmanuel Mounier, Max Scheler, Gabriel Marcel, Karol Wojtyla, and Emil Brunner. Part two surveys models of human nature that have been espoused by various schools of free-market thought-including mainstream neoclassical economics. In conclusion, the authors demonstrate how an expanded understanding of human nature can augment the ability of economic science to model and predict human behavior.

Dar od/Donated by: Acton Institute, USA


Autor/Author: David Dranove and William D. White (eds.)

Názov/Title: How Hospitals Survived: Competition and the American Hospital

Oblas»/ Subject: Health policy

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 1999, American Enterprise Institute, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: By the late 1970s, health care industry experts were posing the question, "Will hospitals survive?" No one seriously argued that hospitals would vanish, but the growth of outpatient surgery, home health care, free-standing imaging centers, and other outpatient services seemed likely to relegate hospitals to a significantly diminished role as the specialized provides of high-end care.

Not only have hospitals survived; they have prospered. Their share of resources in absolute terms has grown, and they remain the core institutional providers of care. In this insightful study, David Dranove and William D. White examine how hospitals have evolved since 1975. Sorting out the effects of economic, technological, and informational forces, the authors present a valuable analysis of the trends that are shaping this critical institution.

Dar od/Donated by: American Enterprise Institute, USA


Autor/Author: Christopher DeMuth, and William Kristol (eds.)

Názov/Title: The Neoconservative Imagination: Essays in Honor of Irving Kristol

Oblas»/ Subject: Polictics (Neoconservatism)

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 1995, American Enterprise Institute, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: Since his first published essay more than fifty years ago, Irving Kristol has written with rare insight and prescience on topics ranging from politics to literature and from economics to religion, while editing some of the most influential intellectual journals of our time and serving as mentor and career shaper to hundreds of journalists, intellectuals, and academics. The specialization of knowledge in the twenty-first century has made it virtually impossible for even the most gifted thinker to cut so broad a swath; those who try usually lose depth and influence in proportion to their breadth. What is most striking about Kristol, however, is not that he is an effective generalist in an age of specialists but that his wide-ranging work exhibits strong intellectual unity; he not only crosses but combines disparate fields of inquiry and does so in a way that deepens our understanding of each field.

Dar od/Donated by: American Enterprise Institute, USA


Autor/Author: Edwin J. Delattre

Názov/Title: Character and Cops: Ethics in Policing

Oblas»/ Subject: National security

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 2002, American Enterprise Institute, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: On September 11, 2001, the unflinching heroism of hundreds of police and law enforcement personnel involved in rescue operations at the World Trade Center exemplified the ideal of a good cop. These heroes stand in stark contrast to some of their colleagues who engage in misconduct and even crime. What makes a good cop versus a bad cop?

In the fourth edition of Character and Cops, Edwin J. Delattre addresses this question, which has particular relevance at a time when law enforcement personnel are being asked to take part in “homeland defense” against terrorism. He uses examples such as the heroism of September 11 as well as some of the major police scandals, controversies, and crises of our time--the trial of O. J. Simpson, the events at Ruby Ridge, the tragedy at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, the beating of Rodney King, Amadou Diallo’s death, and the sodomization of Abner Louima by Justin Volpe--to explore the ethical standards that should govern police commands and individual officers. He describes the impact of the decline, even collapse, of social pressure in modern society and within some police departments on the side of morals, manners, and reputable conduct on police who face ever more complex demands, problems, and difficulties in carrying out their mission.

Dar od/Donated by: American Enterprise Institute, USA


Autor/Author: William A. DeGregorio

Názov/Title: The Complete Book of U.S. Presidents. From George Washington to George W. Bush

Oblas»/ Subject: Politics

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 2004, Barnes & Nobles Publishing, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: An amusing, informative read, this comprehensive single-volume source book on U.S.presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush, offers an in-depth (and often gossipy) look at all our chief executives. Each bio covers their physical description, personality, backgrounds of their ancestors, early romances, education, religion, military service, immediate family, friends, foes, administrations, successes, and failures. Their political careers include campaign issues, cabinet members, Supreme Court appointees, critical issues of their presidency,...

Dar od/Donated by: -


Autor/Author: Jerome Davis

Názov/Title: Capitalism and its culture

Oblas»/ Subject: Economics, Society, Culture

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 1941, New York, Farrar & Rinehart, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: Understanding the economic order is more exciting than attempting to unravel the most fascinating detective story.

Dar od/Donated by: -


Autor/Author: Helen Disney, David Hill, Pavel Hrobon, Adam Kruszewski, Henrieta Madarova, Rick Nye and Martin Stefunko

Názov/Title: Poles Apart? Eastern European Attitudes to Healthcare Reform

Oblas»/ Subject: Healtthcare

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 2005, Stockholm Network, UK

Abstrakt/Abstract: It is often assumed that there is a wide gap between eastern and western Europe, not just geographically, but also when it comes to the state of their healthcare systems.

Slovakia, Poland and Hungary all emerged from the yoke of communism with state-run, state-funded systems that were highly bureaucratic, mismanaged and often corrupt. Many citizens could only get access to helathcare by bribing physicians - and some still do today. The systems were also largely underfunded, especially in comparison with other EU nations. But how have these countries fared since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and what do their attitudes tell us about the prospects for reform today?

Poles Apart? sets out to examine whether this perception is really true by asking the opinions of 3,000 central and eastern Europeans and comparing them with their counterparts in the rest of the EU

Despite differences in access to care, due eto significantly lower levels of funding, and a sometimes unfounded admiration of western Europe, the challenges facing healthcare systems and the way people view them are remarkably similar across the board. More striking still, the new Europe's attitude suggests that the east is on the cusp of providing valuable inspiration and experience for reformers in western Europe in shaping the modern health systems of tomorrow.

Dar od/Donated by: Stockholm Network


Autor/Author: Helen Disney (ed.) et al

Názov/Title: Impatient for Change

Oblas»/ Subject: Healtthcare

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 2004, Stockholm Network, UK

Abstrakt/Abstract: Healthcare reform is one of the most emotive and intractable issues in European politics today. A matter of life or death for patients faced with failing health systems; political suicide for politicians unable to meet their publics’ demands for higher standards. But do Europe’s politicians really understand what voters want from their healthcare systems? And how can they square the circle of rising demand, rising costs and shrinking tax funding?

To find out, the Stockholm Network and Populus commissioned a major study of the attitudes of European publics on the state of their health systems now and what they expect from them in future. Leading experts from across Europe analyse the data, putting it into its national and pan-European context.

Is ‘choice’ really a meaningful concept for patients? Will they pay more for healthcare and, if so, how? What do they think will happen if no reform takes place? If reform occurs, what should it look like and what are their priorities?

The results are startling. They show that Europeans are becoming ever more concerned about what will happen to their health provision in future if reform is not carried out urgently. They demonstrate a large expectations gap between what patients want and what their political elite is delivering. And they suggest that information and gaining the support of the medical profession are crucial to securing reform. Above all, they emphasise that an age of anxiety is here. Europeans who are working today and who are set to be the most intensive users of healthcare systems over the decades to come are also, understandably, the most anxious about their future. Healthcare reform is no longer the concern of policy wonks, think tanks and civil servants. On the contrary, Europe’s health consumers are already impatient for change.

Dar od/Donated by: Stockholm Network


Autor/Author: Rupert Darwall et al.

Názov/Title: A Better Way

Oblas»/ Subject: Health, Education, Crime

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 2003, Reform, UK

Abstrakt/Abstract: A Better Way was published in April 2003. It sets out proposals for structural reform of health, education and policing.

Dar od/Donated by: Reform


Autor/Author: Georg Denzler

Názov/Title: Dějiny celibátu

Oblas»/ Subject: Historie

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 2000, CDK, Brno

Abstrakt/Abstract: K nejznámějąím autorovým publikacím patří kolektivní dílo o dějinách papeľství, jehoľ je hlavním redaktorem, a kniha o vztahu katolické církve ke třetí říąi. U čtenářů je oblíbené také jeho osobní svědectví, v němľ líčí osudy kněľí, kteří se oľenili. Česky vyąla jeho kniha o historii křes»anské sexuální morálky (Zakázaná slast, CDK, Brno 1999). Instituci celibátu Denzler zkoumá z historického hlediska od počátků aľ po současnost, uvádí mnoľství příkladů konkrétních historických událostí a charakterizuje pojetí celibátu u velkých postav křes»anských dějin.

Dar od/Donated by: -


Autor/Author: Georg Denzler

Názov/Title: Zakázaná slast. Dva tisíce let křes»anské sexuální morálky

Oblas»/ Subject: Historie

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 1999, CDK, Brno

Abstrakt/Abstract: Autor je známý německý církevní historik působící v Bamberku, patří k předním znalcům dějin papeľství. Čtenáře zaujal svými angaľovanými pracemi o dějinách celibátu a předevąím rozsáhlou a fundovanou studií o dějinách sexuality v církvi. Probírá v ní sexualitu uvnitř i vně manľelství, církevní pojetí různých sexuálních úchylek, vztah křes»anských ideálů k ľivotní praxi apod. na základě důkladné znalosti pramenů od dob raného křes»anství aľ po dneąní dny.

Dar od/Donated by: -


Autor/Author: Dančák, B., Fiala, P., Hlouąek, V. (eds.)

Názov/Title: Evropeizace - nové téma politologického výzkumu

Oblas»/ Subject: Evropská politika

Rok vydania, vydavateµ/Published in & by: 2005, Masarykova univerzita v Brně

Abstrakt/Abstract: Publikace představuje v českém prostředí ojedinělý a vlastně i první rozsáhlejąí pokus vymezit a konceptualizovat pojem evropeizace. Texty shromáľděné ve sborníku jsou výstupy ze stejnojmenné konference. Konference si vytkla za cíl nejen určit základní obrysy výzkumu problematiky evropeizace v české politice, ale zároveň představovala určité sympózium, které na jednom místě shromáľdilo nejen ąpičkové české politology, ale také hosty ze zahraničí.

Jedním z průvodních jevů výzkumu fenoménu evropeizace v zemích západní Evropy a Spojených státech amerických je velká tematická pestrost výzkumných polí a úkolů. Tuto pestrost reflektovala nejen konference, ale zůstává zachována i v této publikaci. Evropeizace se tak představuje jako jev, který je nutno zkoumat z hlediska politické teorie, komparativní politologie, evropských studií i mezinárodních vztahů.

Dar od/Donated by: -

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