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Autor/Author: Stephen J. Grabill (ed.)

Názov/Title: Journal of Markets & Morality. Vol. 7, No. 1 (Spring 2004)

Oblasť/ Subject: Economics, theology, moral philosophy.

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 2004, Acton Institute, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: Articles, Reviews and Scholia

Dar od/Donated by: Acton Institute, USA


Autor/Author: Samuel Gregg

Názov/Title: Challenging the Modern World: Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II and the Development of Catholic Social Teaching

Oblasť/ Subject: Religion, politics, and society

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 2002, Lexington Books, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: Samuel Gregg provides an insightful, cogent, and thorough analysis of the issues surrounding developments in Catholic social teaching during the pontificate of John Paul II. He compares the treatment in John Paul's social encyclicals of three topics-industrial relations, capitalism, and the relations between developed and developing countries-with the handling of these matters in the social teachings of the Second Vatican Council and Paul VI. Through the application of a comparative exegetical approach to the relevant texts, it becomes apparent that John Paul's development of the teaching derives from several sources. Within this analysis, Gregg considers a more specific and less widely examined issue: the extent to which the development in Catholic social thought has been influenced by the writings of Karol Wojtyla before he became pope in 1978. In addition to revealing an openness to certain modern philosophical insights and expressing a range of views about the modern world, these writings elaborate a distinctive anthropology of man as the conscious subject of moral acts.

Dar od/Donated by: Acton Institute, USA


Autor/Author: Samuel Gregg

Názov/Title: On Ordered Liberty: A Treatise on the Free Society

Oblasť/ Subject: Religion, politics, and society

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 2003, Lexington Books, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: Perhaps no issue is more divisive among philosophers, jurists and theologians than the nature of human liberty. Liberty is central to the claims of the Christian Gospel, the Glorious Revolution of 1688 and the American Revolution. But discussions about the nature of freedom have been characterized by profound disagreement and unsettling questions. What does it mean to be free? Is freedom worth more than mens' lives? Why should man be free? What, if any, legitmate responsibilities accompany freedom? These subjects are that the heart of Samuel Gregg's new book On Ordered Liberty. Beginning with the insights of Alexis de Tocqueville and some natural law theorists, Gregg suggests that something which he terms 'integral law' must be distinguished from most contemporary visions of freedom. He argues that this new arrangement requires a complete repudiation of utilitarian ideas on the grounds that they are incompatable with human nature. He also recommends a new and more rigorous focus on the basic but often neglected-question: what is man? On Ordered Liberty goes beyond the liberal and conservative divide, asking its readers to think about the proper ends of human choice and actions in a free society.

Dar od/Donated by: Acton Institute, USA


Autor/Author: Michael S. Greve and Richard A. Epstein (eds.)

Názov/Title: Competition Laws in Conflict: Antitrust Jurisdiction in the Global Economy

Oblasť/ Subject: Economics

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 2004, American Enterprise Institute, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: The growth and integration of national and global markets should make the world more competitive and antitrust policy less important. Instead, globalization has produced a veritable antitrust proliferation. When corporate transactions routinely cross borders, anticompetitive practices in one jurisdiction invariably affect producers and consumers in another. A system in which each affected jurisdiction gets to apply its own competition rules to those transactions poses a danger of grave political conflicts and, moreover, intolerable costs for producers, who must comply with the often conflicting demands of multiple jurisdictions. Moreover, states have powerful incentives to permit domestic industries to exploit outsiders, or even to facilitate such practices. High-profile antitrust conflicts, from the prosecution of Microsoft in state, national, and international forums to the transatlantic disagreement over the European Union's merger policy, illustrate the difficulties.

Possible solutions to these problems range from improved intergovernmental cooperation, to direct policy harmonization, to a new regime of "structured competition" in antitrust policy modeled on U.S. corporation law. In Competition Laws in Conflict, leading experts explore these and other routes to a new and better institutional design for global antitrust in the national and international contexts. While the authors all start from the premise that legal rules--substantive and procedural--should seek to maximize aggregate social welfare, many of them disagree on the suitable jurisdictional arrangements. On the domestic front, most authors opt for a sharper distinction between national and local responsibilities. At the international level, the authors' preferences range from a thoroughgoing harmonization of antitrust law to an antidiscrimination regime under WTO auspices to a defense of the existing, near-anarchic regime.

The editors' introduction provides a theoretical framework for the basic jurisdictional problems in antitrust law. Their conclusion reviews the contributions in light of that framework and provides policy recommendations.

Dar od/Donated by: American Enterprise Institute, USA


Autor/Author: Jeffrey Gedmin

Názov/Title: A Single European Currency?

Oblasť/ Subject: Economics

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 1997, American Enterprise Institute, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: Recently, the debate over the political and economic consequences of a single European currency has intensified. How will relations develop between countries included and those excluded from monetary union? How will monetary union affect the ambitions of central European countries to join the EU? What effect is a single European currency likely to have on interest rates, unemployment, and the international trading order?

In September 1996, the New Atlantic Initiative convened a panel of three leading economic observers at the American Enterprise Institute, to discuss the efficacy and outcome of the EU's efforts to adopt a single currency. Allan Meltzer is a resident scholar at AEI and professor of economics at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Paul Mentré is executive secretary of the Committee for the Monetary Union of Europe. Otmar Issing is a member of the Directorate of the German Bundesbank. Their presentations are published here along with an incisive and compelling commentary by Czech Prime Minister Vaclav Klaus, who delivered the session's luncheon address.

Dar od/Donated by: American Enterprise Institute, USA


Autor/Author: Michael S. Greve

Názov/Title: Real Federalism: Why It Matters, How It Could Happen

Oblasť/ Subject: Law, governance

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 1999, American Enterprise Institute, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: "Real" federalism, Michael S. Greve argues, is a federalism that promotes citizen choice and competition among the states. Far from being an anachronism in an increasingly complex society, a regime that permits citizens to choose among competing jurisdictions, each offering a different mixture of government services, is uniquely suited to a country of highly mobile and increasingly sophisticated citizen-consumers.

Real federalism requires effective constitutional constraints on the national government. American government lost such constraints--and hence, real competitive federalism--some six decades ago, when the traditional constitutional notion of "enumerated" powers collapsed in the wake of the New Deal. It will prove exceedingly difficult to reestablish constitutional constraints because so many powerful interests have acquired huge stakes in a centralized and essentially unconstrained national government.

In several important decisions (each discussed in this book), the United States Supreme Court has reestablished at least some federalism constraints. At the same time, a loose coalition of "leave-us-alone" constituencies -including, for example, religious groups, the term limits movement, home school and school choice organizations, and tax limitation initiatives - have developed a strategic interest in open, decentralized political arrangements. Real Federalism shows that those constituencies and the Supreme Court can, through a "virtuous cycle" of progressive accommodation and (often implicit) cooperation, succeed in advancing federalism.

Real Federalism combines a compelling, jargon-free analysis of important legal decisions and of the Supreme Court's role in modern American politics with a practical interest in reestablishing constitutional federalism.

Dar od/Donated by: American Enterprise Institute, USA


Autor/Author: Stephen Goldsmith and William D. Eggers

Názov/Title: Governing by Network The New Shape of the Public Sector

Oblasť/ Subject: Economics

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 2004, Brookings Institution Press, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: Governing by Network examines for the first time how managers on both sides of the aisle, public and private, are coping with the changes. Drawing from dozens of case studies, as well as established best practices, the authors tell us what works and what doesn’t. Here is a clear roadmap for actually governing the networked state for elected officials, business executives, and the broader public.

Dar od/Donated by: The Heritage Foundation


Autor/Author: Olaf Gersemann

Názov/Title: Cowboy Capitalism: European Myths, American Reality

Oblasť/ Subject: Economics

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 2004, The Cato Institute, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: Olaf Gersemann, a German reporter who came to America, checked the facts and discovered that the common perception in Europe and elsewhere of America's economic model is either wrong or misleading. The greater market freedoms in the United States create a more flexible, adaptable, and prosperous system than the declining welfare states of Europe. Contrary to what one might expect, continental Europe’s welfare states provide no meaningful advantage compared with America. In clear and accessible terms, Gersemann separates the economic myths from the reality.

Dar od/Donated by: The Cato Institute


Autor/Author: John Gillingham

Názov/Title: European Integration, 1950–2003. Superstate or New Market Economy?

Oblasť/ Subject: European Integration

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 2003, Cambridge University Press, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: Integration is the most significant European historical development in the past fifty years, eclipsing in importance even the collapse of the USSR. Yet, until now, no satisfactory explanation is to be found in any single book as to why integration is significant, how it originated, how it has changed Europe, and where it is headed. Professor Gillingham’s work corrects the inadequacies of the existing literature by cutting through the genuine confusion that surrounds the activities of the European Union, and by looking at his subject from a truly historical perspective. The late-twentieth century has been an era of great, though insufficiently appreciated, accomplishment that intellectually and morally is still emerging from the shadow of an earlier one of depression, and modern despotism. This is a work, then, that captures the historical distinctiveness of Europe in a way that transcends current party political debate.

Dar od/Donated by: -


Autor/Author: Newt Gingrich

Názov/Title: To Renew America

Oblasť/ Subject: Conservatism

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 1995, Harper Collins, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: With characteristic bluntness, the Speaker of the House describes where he believes the country should go and how such monumental goals can be achieved, relating not only to the formulative events of his own political career but also key elements of his vision of America's future.

Responding to the concerns Americans feel for their safety, their value systems, and their children's future, Newt Gingrich calls for a return to mainstream American civilization and the basic principles upon which our country was founded. Citing the Six Challenges that we must face as a nation, he reveals commonsense solutions to the issues we care about most, such as welfare, balancing the federal budget, shifting power from the bureaucracy to the citizenry, and confirming America's leadership in the Information Age. With characteristic bluntness, Newt Gingrich describes his political allies and adversaries as he shares personal recollections of his historic first hundred days as Speaker. He also delivers practical approaches to issues as diverse as bilingualism, illegal immigration, multiculturalism, and health care. For months, worldwide media attention has swirled around Speaker Gingrich as he has reawakened American political debate. To Renew America is, finally, the opportunity to encounter the man himself and his dramatic vision of our nation's future.

Dar od/Donated by: -


Autor/Author: Indur M. Goklany

Názov/Title: The Precautionary Principle: A Critical Appraisal of Environmental Risk Assessment

Oblasť/ Subject: Environmental Policy

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 2001, Cato Institute, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: The precautionary principle - the environmental version of the admonition "first, do no harm" - has been invoked by many people to justify policies to control, if not ban, any technology that cannot be proven to cause no harm. In his new book, The Precautionary Principle: A Critical Appraisal of Environmental Risk Assessment, Indur Goklany argues that the application of this principle to justify such policies is flawed and counterproductive because it ignores the possible calamities that those very policies might simultaneously create or prolong. Rather than challenge the merit of the precautionary principle, Goklany clarifies and reconstructs it so that it might reasonably inform the environmental debate.

Dar od/Donated by: -


Autor/Author: Andrew Gamble

Názov/Title: Free Economy and the Strong State. The Politics of Thatcherism

Oblasť/ Subject: Conservatism, UK Politics

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 1994, Palgrave, UK

Abstrakt/Abstract: The Thatcher era was a turbulent and controversial period in British politics. Andrew Gamble's authoritative account - now revised and updated to cover Thatcher's fall and legacy - analyses the ideology, statecraft, and economic and social programme of the Thatcher Government. He explores rival interpretations of Thatcherism and assesses the evidence for claims that the Thatcher Government transformed British politics. A new conclusion considers the Conservative Party after Thatcher.

Dar od/Donated by: -


Autor/Author: Michael Goldsmith and David Gladstone

Názov/Title: The Roadmap to Reform: Health

Oblasť/ Subject: Economics

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 2005, Adam Smith Institute, UK

Abstrakt/Abstract: The Report is the second in a series called Roadmap to Reform, in which the Adam Smith Institute aims to chart out an entire strategy for more diversity and open government across health, transport, education, regulation, tax, crime, industry, energy, the economy, welfare and other topics.

"Michael Goldsmith and David Gladstone have sought to retain what is best about the NHS, in particular the fairness that it represents. But they also propose to unleash the power of enterprise and innovation in how healthcare is actually delivered. Breaking through the ideological barricades: this kind of public-private mixture is really the only way forward."

Dar od/Donated by: Adam Smith Institute

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