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Autor/Author: Stephen J. Wolma (ed.)

Názov/Title: Religion & Liberty. Vol. 14, No. 3 (May and June 2004)

Oblasť/ Subject: Religion and liberty

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 2004, Acton Institute, USA

“Culture, Law, and the Church: A Pastor's Perspective”, Dr. George O Wood
“Christianity and Liberty Defined” by Prof. Steven Gillen “Morality and Liability” by Rev. Robert A. Sirico
Book Reviews:
“Law, Naturally” by John Coleman
“Spending Spiritually” by Megan Malony
In the Liberal Tradition:
John Winthrop (1588–1649)
Book News

Dar od/Donated by: Acton Institute, USA


Autor/Author: Martin Wolf

Názov/Title: The Resistible Appeal of Fortress Europe

Oblasť/ Subject: Economics

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: American Enterprise Institute, USA and Centre for Policy Studies, UK

Abstrakt/Abstract: The European Union, by virtue of its size alone, is called upon to play a central role in establishing a prosperous and liberal world economy. But, says Martin Wolf, its historic approach--an uncomfortable compromise between liberalism and protectionism--raises serious doubts about whether it is capable of rising to the challenge. The Maastricht treaty has reinforced Europe's protectionist and centralizing tendencies, while the impact of new competitors upon the European economy may have also served to foster a "fortress" mentality. Such trends are very likely to encourgage similar developments elsewhere. Indeed, there is a very great danger that the "naive mercantilists" on both sides of the Atlantic will join hands to dance to the same protectionist tune, thereby putting at risk all that has been achieved by way of trade liberalization over half a century.

Dar od/Donated by: American Enterprise Institute, USA


Autor/Author: Bridgett Wagner, John Hilboldt and Kelli Fulton (eds.)

Názov/Title: The Insider Guide to Policy Experts 2003

Oblasť/ Subject: Public Policy

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 2003, The Heritage Foundation, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: The Definite Directory of the Conservative Public Policy Community.

Online edition of Policy Experts is also available at

Dar od/Donated by: The Heritage Foundation


Autor/Author: George Weigel

Názov/Title: The Cube and the Cathedral. Europe, America and Politics Without God

Oblasť/ Subject: Religion, politics and society

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 2005, Basic Books, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: One of America's foremost public intellectuals argues that Europe's abandonment of its spiritual and cultural roots raises urgent questions about democracy's future around the world - including the United States.

Weigel traces the origins of "Europe's problem" to the atheistic humanism of the nineteenth-century European intellectual life, which set in motion a historical process that produced two world wars, three totalitarian systems, the Gulag, Auschwitz, the Cold War-and, most ominously, the Continent's de-population, which is worse today than during the Black Death. And yet, many Europeans still insist-most recently, during the debate over a new EU constitution-that only a public square shorn of religiously-informed moral argument is safe for human rights and democracy. Precisely the opposite, Weigel suggests, is true: the people of the "cathedral" can give a compelling account of their commitment to everyone's freedom; the people of the "cube" cannot. Can there be any true "politics"-any true deliberation about the common good, and any robust defense of freedom-without God? George Weigel makes a powerful case that the answer is "No," because, in the final analysis, societies are only as great as their spiritual aspirations.

Dar od/Donated by: The Ethics and Public Policy Center


Autor/Author: Chilton Williamson, Jr.

Názov/Title: The Conservative Bookshelf

Oblasť/ Subject: Conservatism

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 2004, Kensington Publishing, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: Is this book exclusively for conservatives? By no means. The list here embraces some surprising choices, from the Bible, Cicero’s Republic, and Democracy in America to 21st-century bestsellers by Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan. It includes fiction, poetry, and political thought side by side with the works of C. S. Lewis, Edmund Wilson, and Flannery O’Connor. Williamson’s selections will spur debate and foster intelligent discussion of the most vital issues of our time and prove that these essential works not only make up the structure of conservatism, they represent the very mainsprings of western civilization.

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Autor/Author: Steven R. Weisman

Názov/Title: The Great Tax Wars. Lincoln-Teddy Roosevelt-Wilson. How the Income Tax Transformed America Oblasť/ Subject: Economics, Taxation, History

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 2004, Simon & Schuster, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: The Great Tax Wars features an extraordinary cast of characters, including the men who built the nation's industries and the politicians and reformers who battled them - from J. P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie to Lincoln, T.R., Wilson, William Jennings Bryan, and Eugene Debs. From their ferocious battles emerged a more flexible definition of democracy, economic justice, and free enterprise largely framed by a more progressive tax system. In this groundbreaking book, Weisman shows how the ever controversial income tax transformed America and how today's debates about the tax echo those of the past.

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Autor/Author: Peter Wallison

Názov/Title: Ronald Reagan The Power Of Conviction And The Success Of His Presidency

Oblasť/ Subject: Politics, Conservatism

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 2003, Basic Books, USA

Abstrakt/Abstract: An icon of the twentieth century, Ronald Reagan has earned a place among the most popular and successful U.S. presidents. In this compelling firsthand account of Reagan's presidency, Peter J. Wallison, former White House Counsel to President Reagan, argues that Reagan took office with a fully developed public philosophy and strategy for governing that was unique among modern presidents. "I am not a great man," Reagan once said, "just committed to great ideas." Wallison shows how Reagan's unyielding attachment to certain key ideas-communicated through his speeches-created a cohesive administration and revived the spirit of the nation. In Ronald Reagan, Wallison describes what it was like to be on Reagan's White House staff and how Reagan's attachment to principle produced both the best and worst days of his presidency. Updated with a new epilogue.

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Autor/Author: Linda Whetstone (ed.)

Názov/Title: Ideas for a Free Society (CD-ROM)

Oblasť/ Subject: Economics, Politics

Rok vydania, vydavateľ/Published in & by: 2006, International Policy Network, London

Abstrakt/Abstract: This CD is designed for those who are interested in what these beneficial economic and political arrangements are that lead to economic growth and have the capacity to eliminate poverty. It does not pretend to provide a definitive answer but rather to point people in the right direction. The title of the CD, "Ideas for a Free Society," was inspired by the observation that the political and economic arrangements that seem to be most conducive to peace and prosperity are those that exist in free societies.

Dar od/Donated by: International Policy Network

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