2005 Projects
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• Institutional Development of the Conservative Institute of M. R. Štefánik


Radovan Kazda Dušan Sloboda

In 2005, CI continued with the implementation of the project of institutional development. The goal of this project was to build up the CI as stable and prestigious organization, accepted by the public as a purposeful and necessary institution. The project was aimed to develop CI communication activities, i.e. to the creation, collection and propagation of conservative ideas, points of view and values as well as to the development of it's foreign contacts by building up of the relations and co-operation with relevant institutions and personalities mainly in EU-25 and the U.S.

Another goal of this project consisted in the buildup of the documentary base, which contains basic conservative works, journals with conservative orientation, professional texts on conservatism, literature, analyses and studies from different areas of the public policy.

Mr. Radovan Kazda and Mr. Dušan Sloboda were the project co-ordinators. The project was executed due to the support of the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe. Several activities described hereunder were carried out within this project.

• Conservative Economic Quaterly Lecture Series (CEQLS)


Peter Gonda

In 2005, CI started to organize quarterly lectures of important foreign economists within the cycle of Conservative Economic Quaterly Lecture Series (CEQLS). Three lectures were carried out in 2005. Mr. Peter Gonda was the project co-ordinator.

Together with CATO Institute, KI organized the first lecture within CEQLS on June 15, 2005. The following lecturers dealt with the topic of Impacts of Slovakia's Admission to EMU: Mr. Marian L. Tupy, Deputy Director of the World Economic Freedom Project in The CATO Institute, Washington, D. C. and Mr. Peter Gonda, CI economist.

On October 17, 2005, the second lecture within CEQLS took place in Bratislava. Tax Harmonization vs. Competition in EU was the topic of Daniel J. Mitchell, the main expert of The Heritage Foundation, Washington, D. C. in the area of tax policy. The third lecture took place in Bratislava on December 8, 2005. KC invited to Bratislava Mr. William A. Niskanen, the Director of The CATO Institute. He was the guest of CEQLS winter lecture on Alternative Political and Economical Futures of Europe.

• Reduction of Corruption Risks in Environment Protection Management


Radovan Kazda

In 2005, CI continued with the execution of project called Reduction of Corruption Risks in Environment Protection Management aimed to analysis of governmental system of the environment protection from the point of view of conditions for corruption potential occurrence. A conference took place and publication was issued within this project. Mr. Radovan Kazda was the project co-ordinator. The project was executed with the support of Ekopolis Foundation.

Within the project, a conference Environmental Policy in Slovakia /Possibilities of Increase of Transparency and Efficiency in Environment Protection Management/ has taken place in Ružomberok on April 19 and 20, 2005. The following lecturers spoke on the conference: Ms. Emília Sičáková-Beblavá, the President of Transparency International Slovensko, Mr. Mário Kern from the Slovak Republic Police Presidium, Ms. Tereza Urbanová, analyst of Liberal Institute in Prague, Mr. Vladislav Bízek, Director of DHV of the Czech Republic and fellow worker of CEVRO – Liberal and Conservative Academy, Mr. Viliam Kunzo, a breeder, Ms. Oľga Šotolová, environmental manager of Mondi Business SCP, a.s., Mr. Radovan Peknik, SLICPEN (Slovak Industrial Association for Packaging and Environment), Mr. Jiří Oliva, Department of Forestal Economics and Management of FLE ČZU, Czech Republic, Mr. Jozef Vlčák, Association of Non-Governmental Owners of Forests, Mr. Pavel Rensa, Taxace ČR, Mr. Marcel Zajac, Ekopolis Foundation, Ms. Hana Zach, Slovak Agricultural University Nitra, Mr. Dušan Sloboda, KI analyst, Mr. Boris Minárik, Hydromeliorácie, š.p. Bratislava and Mr. Jaroslav Demko, director of Severoslovenská vodárenská spoločnosť, o.z. Ružomberok.

In August, CI issued a publication called Transparency and Environmental Policy, dealing with affairs related to the transparency of execution in environmental politics. This publication is based on the conference and includes the collection of presentations from the conference and the studies of CI analysts, Mr. Radovan Kazda and Mr. Dušan Sloboda, who are dealing with the corruption risks in the environment protection in Slovakia and such risks related to the support of environment protection by the mean of the structural funds in the EU. Mondi Business SCP, a.s. contributed moneywise to this conference and the publication issue.

• American Liberty Scheme /


Dušan Sloboda

In August, CI started the website as a part of the American Liberty Scheme, which presents numerous activities carried out by CI within various partial projects and different areas within the scope of its activities. Within this scheme, CI dedicates its systematic effort to the following issues: relations between Europe and America, relations between Slovakia and the U.S., the action of the U.S. in international policy and its value-based background, American concept of liberty and basic values shared by the U.S. society. The U.S. Embassy in Slovakia supported moneywise the development of this web page. Mr. Dušan Sloboda was the project co-ordinator.

• Tax Reform and Position of Non-Profit Organizations Therein


Ondrej Dostál

In 2005, CI continued in activities within a project called Tax Reform and Position of Non-Profit Organizations Therein, dedicated to the issues of legislative position of the non-profit sector, mainly to the issues of Income Tax Act, the intention of the Ministry of Finance to change the conditions for assignment of 2% of the tax and discussion on the approval of so-called Non-Profit Sector Code. CI participated on activities and public presentations of the NGO initiative called “Citizens for Themselves“. Mr. Ondrej Dostál was the CI co-ordinator in this area. The project was executed with the support of Ekopolis Foundation.

• Educational Reform


Zuzana Humajová

In 2005, CI paid systematic attention to the issues of educational reform. Ms. Zuzana Humajová was the CI co-ordinator of activities in this area.

On November 3, 2005, a conference called “Funding of Regional School System – Funding for Children“ under the auspice of Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic was held by F. A. Hayek Foundation. Also Ms. Zuzana Humajová lectured in this conference, presenting the Free School – Education for Real Life.

On November 7, 2005, Ms. Zuzana Humajová discussed with the Minister of Education of the Slovak Republic, Mr. Martin Fronc and Mr. Martin Kríž from the National Institute for Education on educational reform in SKOI discussion forum in Košice. On November 19, 2005, Ms. Zuzana Humajová lectured on the topic of Education Content Reform – the Way to Free School in a nationwide conference “Innovations in the School“ organized by Orava Association and Center for Educational Policy in Podbanské.

On November 23, 2005, a regular SKOI discussion forum took place on educational reform in Stoka Theater in Bratislava. Mr. František Šebej hosted the Minister of Education of the Slovak Republic Mr. Martin Fronc, CI analyst Ms. Zuzana Humajová and Mr. Martin Kríž from the National Institute for Education. In 2005, the preparation of projects in the area of schools and education to be carried out in 2006 started.

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