Educational Reform within Societal Context (2008)
[30.09.2008, Zuzana Humajová, PUBLICATIONS]
CI published a study called Education for Life. Educational Reform within Societal Context....
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In Defense of the Free Market (2007)
[05.06.2007, Peter Gonda and Pavel Chalupníček, PUBLICATIONS]
Conservative Institute in co-operation with Liberalni institut, Prague, published a book of lectures of renowned free market oriented thinkers delivered within the Conservative Institute of M. R. ©tefánik Project “Conservative Economic Quarterly Lecture Series” (CEQLS) in Bratislava and Annual, Spring and Autumn Lectures of Liberalni Institut in Prague.
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Alternatives of Forest Business Development in the Slovak Republic (2006)
[30.12.2006, PUBLICATIONS]
The publication represents a summary of the contributions presented at the conference held by the Conservative Institute in November 2006...
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Draft of Welfare Reform in Slovakia (2006)
[03.07.2006, PUBLICATIONS]
This publication introduces, first of all, our concept for the solution of the long-term distortions enduring in the social system. Download our latest publication Draft of Welfare Reform in Slovakia in English...
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Judicial System Reform in the Slovak Republic (2006)
[16.03.2006, PUBLICATIONS]
The reform is aimed to the increase of judicial system outcome efficiency, creation of human resources for qualified, independent and nonpartisan decisions of the judges, increase of the public awareness, more foreseeable law, public control of the judicial system, higher degree of guarantee for the defense of basic human rights and freedoms as well as the speedier civic judicial procedures...
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Transparency and Environmental Policy (2005)
[07.10.2005, PUBLICATIONS]
The publication represents a summary of the contributions presented at the conference held by the Conservative Institute in April 2005...
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Abstracts Anthology 2000 – 2005 (2005)
[03.03.2005, PUBLICATIONS]
Conservative Institute issued an anthology containing abstracts of several papers and articles written by people of the Conservative Institute...

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USA, Europe and Slovakia (2004)
[01.12.2004, PUBLICATIONS]
The publication objective is to help eliminate false myths about the United States remaining in our minds. We do not want to create new myths and replace one type of myths for another. Our ambition is to offer a realistic picture of American society and policy...
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Is there Any Future for NATO? (2003)
[15.12.2003, PUBLICATIONS]
A concept of common defence – this is NATO. This is the concept in which sovereign states willingly agree upon common defence of their interests and territories. Or, they do it because they share the same values and this makes them partners, that is why they are together. Within this common defence they define themselves in relation to the rest of the world and define, although maybe implicitly, a possible enemy and place where an attack may come from...
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Do We Need NATO? Security Issues As Seen by the Conservatives and Libertarians (2003)
[15.12.2003, PUBLICATIONS]
Is an active foreign policy good for freedom? Should we implement isolationistic or non-intervetionalistic foreign policies? Is it good, if a country primarily watches over its own freedom but secondarily also over freedom of friendly countries or should such a country care exclusivelly only for its own freedom? These are only few questions, answers to which were searched for by Roman Joch as a conservative and Matúą Petrík and Martin Thomay as libertarians...
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Is There Any Alternative to NATO for Slovakia? A Discussion Between Ján Čarnogurský and Peter Osuský (2003)
[01.12.2003, PUBLICATIONS]
In the publication we may find an answer to the question whether there is any alternative to a NATO membership for Slovakia. The debators offered answers at the time when the process of our accession to NATO was irreversible, but the question of Trans-Atlantic co-operation, issues of our national security and questions regarding relations between Europe and America do not lose their importance after our accession to the Alliance...
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Integration and Public Opinion: Stereotypes Regarding NATO and the EU in Thinking of Slovak Citizens and the Slovak Media (2002)
[01.12.2002, PUBLICATIONS]
In order to identify the stereotypes that regard NATO and the EU, the Conservative Institute has completed a qualitative study by use of focus groups method.With this publication the Conservative Institute wanted to contribute to better and deeper knowledge of Slovak society views on integration of the Slovak Republic to both blocks...
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European Union – the View from Slovakia (2002)
[01.12.2002, PUBLICATIONS]
The publication represents a summary of the contributions presented at the conference held by the Conservative Institute – European Union – the View from Slovakia in October 2002...
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Problems and Perspectives of Euro–Atlantic Security Partnership (2002)
[01.10.2002, PUBLICATIONS]
Importance of the relation between defence and integration, the stances of the countries undergoing a process of transformation, the position of the USA towards Europe and stances of so-called European central powers are discussed in the publication...
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Documents of the Period 1990 – 2000 (2002)
[01.09.2002, PUBLICATIONS]
The publication Documents of the Period 1990-2000 reflects a need to gather statements, reports and speaches published in periodicals within the period. The documents are ordered chronologically as they were published and they are accompanied by a few commentaries. It is a selection of documents that touched social and political life of the country in the years 1990 – 2000...
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Corruption Risks within the System of Agrarian Policy in Slovakia (2002)
[15.07.2002, PUBLICATIONS]
Slovak agriculture as a specific area where the state applies a policy of extensive redistribution of finance remains the area where there are high risks of corruption even at the beginning of the 21st century...
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Tools of Agrarian Policy As Regards Reduction of Corruption Risks (Anthology, 2002)
[15.07.2002, PUBLICATIONS]
The publication (Anthology) is a summary of information from various sources. The contributions on corruption in agriculture presented at the seminar form the base of the publication...
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Economic Impacts of Slovakia´s Accession to the European Union (2002)
[01.04.2002, PUBLICATIONS]
The publication presents serious enonomic impacts resulting from the Slovak membership in the EU, the impacts on citizens and firms as seen from the frame of reference of national economy. The potential economic effects are conditioned by many factors of domestic and outside development (including the EU). The authors do not want to present a statistically precise and complex list of pros and cons of the EU membership. They analyze selected and, according to the authors, fundamental aspects of Slovakia´s membership in the EU...
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European Constitution: Yes or No ? (2002)
[01.04.2002, PUBLICATIONS]
The publication is a record of the discussion between Daniel Lipąic and Radoslav Procházka that took place at the Conservative Institute on March 6, 2002...

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Future of Defence and Security Structures in Europe (2001)
[01.12.2001, PUBLICATIONS]
What type of international security co-operation suits our country? The authors try to find answers to this question in the publication contributions. The objective is not to find a single position but to open a discussion that should continue in the future, too because Slovakia will have to search for answers even when being a NATO member...
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Civilisation and Value Aspects of the Accession of the Slovak Republic to NATO (2001)
[01.12.2001, PUBLICATIONS]
The accession of Slovakia to NATO is a strategic move which should deeply influence our political and security situation. The publication is an attempt to open a discussion and mediate opinions regarding this topic that is difficult to analyse from a neutral point of view. Therefore we have given up pointless attempts to be neutral and offer you our opinion as one of the alternatives concerning the issue of civilisation affiliation of Slovakia...
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